Is it a government affiliated website?


What is the source of your data ?

We collect laboratory data from ICMR's website and then rest of the information on each laboratory (such as Phone number and address) is scrapped from Google.

Why have you built this if ICMR uploads data onto their website?

ICMR essentially provides you with list. We added 'Near me' & 'How to contact' functions to it just to make your life easy. Besides we have initiated communication with private labs to bring in real time information on home collection or drive through faciities.

Are you saving my data when I visit your website?

No. We just log the pincode you enter to search for nearest test lab. Nothing besides that!

Is this information really that valuable?

As India begins to ramp up testing with high level approval given to 15k collection centres,we just thought of making it easier for us all to access this crucial information.

How can you support us?

By taking good care of yourself and everyone around. God bless!

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